Long Arm Machine Quilting with a Nolting

  • Quilt Studio offers you a full quilting service.
  • We combine the Quilt Top, Batting and Backing in one operation.
  • Basting and Tacking is a thing of the past when you have your quilt professionally undertaken by Quilt Studio.
  • We can also provide you with a range of Batting to suit your needs.

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  by: Mary Transom 'Sunflowers'

Welcome to Quiltstudio

We offer you a variety of quilting styles, from Pantographs to
Custom Quilting, and from Simple to Intricate Detail.

Whatever style you have in mind for your quilt, we will take the
time to talk it over with you, either in person, by telephone,
letter or e-mail. You may have some ideas, or you may choose
to 'leave it up to us'.

Enjoy the Patchwork
We'll do the Quilting

We all love to make the "Patchwork Top", many of us have a
closet full of them.

To some, Quilting can be the hardest part of finishing a quilt.
This can be for a number of reasons including lack of time,
health issues or just lack of interest in Quilting.

Quilt Studio would love to take care of the Quilting for you, to
add that touch of WOW to your quilt and get it finished for you
so you can rest warm and snug in the winter.

Let us do the complete job for you. We are happy to attach the
binding, so then you can hand stitch down the back edge, or
we can take care of it all.

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