Long Arm Machine Quilting with a Nolting

  • Quilt Studio offers you a full quilting service.
  • We combine the Quilt Top, Batting and Backing in one operation.
  • Basting and Tacking is a thing of the past when you have your quilt professionally undertaken by Quilt Studio.
  • We can also provide you with a range of Batting to suit your needs.

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Latest News

August 2007
Hello Ladies

Wow, you have all been working hard. The quilts that have been coming thru
have been just lovely. Also the quality of work is very good. Even those of you who are beginners are producing such lovely work. You are obviously being taught well. Keep it up.

We had a wonderful time at our local Exhibition. There were over 100 quilts
and wall hangings on display. We also had a great group of merchants here. It all made for an exciting 4

Well, must away now. I hear quilts a calling


June 2007
Hello ladies

Time is flying this year. I guess it always seems that way when you are
busy. I am seeing a lot of lovely quilts come in. This is surely a wonderful
business to be in. As you may have seen on the front page of my website, our local quilt club - Taupo Quilt Makers - is having our biannual exhibition
here in Taupo. It is on from the 5th to the 8th of July. That is only next
month - WOW. Anyway, see if you can come along, we are having some lovely raffles. There will be 7 Merchants at the Exhibition too and not to mention, lots of lovely quilts. We also like to show off some of our other hidden talents. Some of our ladies like to make dolls, bag, cushions etc . It will be worth a trip I'll tell you.
On that note, I will sign off and go and work on another lovely quilt.


March 2007
Hello ladies,
For all of those who went to the Symposium in Palmerston
North, I'm sure that you had a wonderful time. I certainly did. I took two
classes. They were both two day classes.

I had only one day spare to take a good look at the General Exhibition held
at the Convention Center and the Tutors Exhibition held at the Girls High
School. They were incredible. It always amazes me the talent that is out there. I would recommend going to a Symposium to anyone. I have already registered for the Wellington Symposium in 2009.

On that note, I will be off. Got lots of quilting to do :) Please give me a
call or email me if there is anything that I can do to help you with your

- Helen Townend

17th January 2007
Hello Ladies,
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a relaxing New Year. I have had a good break. Even got the chance to quilt one of my own quilts!

The year has gotten off to a great start, with a number of quilts coming in already for me to work on. I have been working hard on these as I am off to the Symposium on Friday. I am really excited to be going as this will be my first time. I will be back on deck January 29th.

On that note I will keep on working so I can get away. Next month I will update you on the latest news.

- Helen

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